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Tomorrow’s Party: ERS Survey


So the ERS is asking everyone what they think about what tomorrow’s party might be. Here are my thoughts…


What are political parties for?

They do little or nothing useful in terms of promoting democracy. I would be quite happy if parties died off in favour of a truer democracy. They were useful two centuries ago, but are losing relevance in an era of instant mass communication.


What can parties do now to reconnect with people?

Adopt a bottom-up approach to party organisation. Accept NOTA. Accept MP recall by citizens. Abolish the party whip. Consider reforming parties not as monoliths, but as impromptu associations for specific issues.

Of course, I doubt these will be taken seriously, either by existing parties, or by the ERS itself. We shall see. In the meanwhile, please feel free to comment on their form and tell them what you think. And feel free to announce your views in the comments below. No reason why your opinions should be secret from the world, after all.





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