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Liberal Democrats Confusing on Tax Evasion

According to the Guardian, Danny Alexander of the Liberal Democrats wants to make people who facilitate tax evasion as liable as the tax evaders they helped. This is a lovely sound-bite to hear.

“Lovely” is all it is though.

The problem with it is that what is popularly called “tax evasion” is in reality merely taking advantage of legal tax loopholes. It’s all morally wrong, but nothing is actually illegal as such. If, as I suspect, he means facilitating illegal tax evasion, then it’s a meaningless statement (aiding and abetting a crime is already an offence in itself). If he means facilitating a legal tax dodge, that enters weirdness territory (helping people do things legally can be punished?) He surely can’t mean that creating the legal tax loophole in the first place (the act of government) could be prosecutable!


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